Celebrity Makeover
You can transform your look within minutes using one of our celebrity hair accessories. This week we transformed our model Suzanne's hair into Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas. Click for more.

Next week Hairspray will create the Cheryl Cole X Factor look.
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You can have fabulous hair extensions that will last three months for only a fraction of the normal cost. Your look can be transformed this spring with our hair extensions special offer. Below you can watch two of Hairspray's regular clients having their hair extensions applied using our famous extend magic system 2.

Prices range from £320 - £470 depending on the length and volume you require. Hair extensions are not only for fashion, they are also ideal for girls with thinning hair.Call 0774 -7452153 Today to Extend your natural Beauty.

Hair Wholesalers.

Hairspray supplies over 1200 salons and wholesalers across the UK and Europe. The most popular hair brands we stock are the famous Cleopatra Hair & Spanish Hair range. All the products we distribute are made from 100% cuticle human hair that is sourced from the best quality raw material. Every month our hair technicians travel to the various hair manufacturers and factories that supply us to ensure quality and consistency with all our customers orders.

Last year human hair prices worldwide doubled causing the price of hair extensions to soar. Unlike many suppliers currently on the market, Hairspray's prices have remained unchanged as we buy in large quantity to maintain our competitive edge. If you are looking for the very best hair for your business, Hairspray is your number one choice. CLICK FOR MORE

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Hair Academy

Would you like to enroll today for hair replacement or hair extension diploma courses. Hairspray's award winning hair academy is based in North London and Dublin. We launched the first hair replacement courses in the UK last year to much acclaim within the hair industry. You can now learn to master this specialised field of non surgical hair replacement for the many clients in your area that experience hair loss and thinning hair. This is an excellent opportunity for your salon to increase it's profits while adding this important service to your business.


hair wholesalers

Girls Aloud at Hairspray...

Girls Aloud called into Hairspray before their big gig last Saturday night. As seen here trendy Sarah Harding just loved her new Hairspray wig as her latest fashion accessory. Sarah says “This shop is so cool, I just love my new instant look, the paparazzi will never recognise me now”. The girls all came back to our shop in Wicklow Street the following day for more goodies.. Best of luck Girls...

Celebrity Letitia Dean at Hairspray's salon...

Actress Letitia Dean recently popped into Hairspray to have some glamorous hair extensions applied at our hair salon. Letitia is famous for her starring roles as Sharon in East Enders and recent appearances in the BBC competition Strictly Come Dancing.

Letitia is also a big fan of our hair shop on Wicklow street where she regularly pops in before appearing in the Gaiety's High School musical. Stunning Letitia also asked the Hairspray team to style her hair before her appearance with Pat Kenny on The Late late show.

Watch How To Put in Hair Extensions Clip-ins.

Many of our clients that buy hair extension clip-ins from our shop ask how to apply them. You can now watch a wide range of videos on our YOUTUBE Hairspray channel that will show you exactly how to put in all our hair pieces in the comfort of your own home. These are simple hair video tutorials that only take a few minutes to watch.. You can buy your clip in extensions, ponytails or wigs from our shops or though our online store... CLICK HERE

Weddings Hair, www.hairsprayhair.com

Hair Accessories by Hairspray

Your hair always needs to look its very best. Hairspray has an extensive range of hair accessories that will extend your natural beauty for any occasion. Our products include hair extension clip-ins, ponytails, wigs for fashion and thinning hair,plats, hairpieces and hair straighteners. There is also other related beauty products like eyelashes, gel nails, and professional make-up brushes for only £10. Most of our hair products will only cost you £20. Over the next 12 months we are opening new hair accessories stores in Cork, kilkenny, Galway, limerick, Belfast, and in the UK London and Manchester.

Have you thinning hair or hair loss?

Hairspray specialise in natural hair replacement for women across Ireland. Our hair consultants have treated hundreds of satisfied clients with our famous Volumiser system. Hairspray is one of only two companies worldwide that apply this revolutionary hair replacement system. The volumiser is unlike any other hair procedure on the market, as it works in conjunction with your own hair to create natural length and volume. This is very different to many old fashioned hair systems that require the shaving of your own hair before beginning the process.

Hairspray will design a natural bespoke volumiser to suit your individually needs. This innovative system is ideal to cover a range of hair loss conditions like thinning hair, alopecia, bald patches, trichotillomania (pulling hair out) and temporary hair loss due to chemotherapy. The volumiser is undetectable to the eye and blends naturally with your own hair texture and colour. You can call Hairspray today to arrange a free consultation at our private consultation rooms.


training courses Hair Extension Courses

Have you considered a career in hair extensions? Hairspray is now enrolling trainees for our award winning hair extensions course. Our one day intensive hair extension courses commences at our hair academy every second Monday. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just beginning your hair career in the hair industry, you will have the confidence and ability to begin working with your new hair extension clients on completion of your course. All our students receive professional hands on training by our team of hair extensions instructors. All successful students receive the coveted hair extensions diploma certificate.


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